June 2020
Graduated with a Masters degree
Martin did his Master exam on June 2. He was the first to graduate during the Corona-crisis, it was the first day the Conservatory had opened. He played the Liszt Sonata in B and the ten Preludes Op. 23 by Sergej Rachmaninov.

Latest release Daniel Wayenberg & Martin Oei ‘Chopin a deux’ now also on Spotify classical new release! Check it out!

New CD
For the first time on CD: the famous Chopin piano concertos, played on two authentic Erard grand piano’s. The master pianist Daniel Wayenberg, aged 87, normally prefers to perform on modern instruments. It is a small miracle the 20 year old Martin Oei managed to have him perform on original instruments from the era of Chopin. The transparent execution on two pianos elucidates new aspects of these well-known compositions. Close your eyes and imagine you are in Paris around 1830, when Chopin himself accompanied his most talented students when performing these concertos.

with Oost-Gelders Symfonie Orkest 2016

2016: year of the piano concertos
This year I look forward playing different piano concertos: in April Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Oost Gelders Symphony Orchestra, in June the piano violin concerto by Mendelssohn with the Britten Youth String Orchestra. Together with Daniel Wayenberg the two piano concertos by Chopin and Liszt’s Second piano concerto will be performed, in April in Spain and Belgium, and in the Netherlands in November.
Podium Witteman
Daniel Wayenberg and Martin performed together in the music program of Paul Witteman.  The other guests were Ton Koopman, Jos van Veldhoven, Ellen ten Damme and Vento do Norto.  Click this link to view the item.


Queen Máxima at jubilee concert of Foundation Muziek in Huis

photo:martin Waalboer

The foundation Muziek in Huis is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with a series of concerts. The Royal House announced that Queen Maxima will be present at the last jubilee concert of Muziek in Huis by Daniël Wayenberg and me.

Queen Máxima at jubilee concert of Foundation Muziek in Huis
Her Majesty Queen Maxima will be present at the concert of the foundation Muziek in Huis at nursing home De Bolder in Huizen on May 15, 2014. 

The foundation Muziek in Huis is having its 7500th concert this year. Pianists Daniël Wayenberg (84) and Martin Oei (18) will perform in the presence of the Queen for the people of nursing home De Bolder. Wayenberg and Oei will give 7 concerts for the jubilee of Muziek in Huis from 8 to 15 May.

  • Paul Witteman, from the program Pianistenuur had an interview with me on Radio 4 because of my third CD.
  • Leo Samama (as a guest) talked about my Beethoven interpretation in the radio 4 program Muziekwijzer and compared it to Alfred Brendel’s performance.

It was a busy year and that’s quite nice because playing the piano makes me happy and I hope you as a listener too. I’m going to do some nice projects in 2014:

  • I will give a solo recital in the Concertgebouw de Vereeniging Nijmegen on a beautiful Bösendorfer grand piano with sonatas from Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven .
  • On the 8th of February I am having a private concert with the orchestra Sinfonia Rotterdam.
  • On 14 February, Valentine Day, I am going to play the romantic pianoconcerto from Dyson with the Magogo chamberorchestra in the concert hall in Tilburg.
  • Thanks to the Classic Young Masters Foundation I can give 3 concerts in a special program inspired by the Silk Road in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Below you can see the program.

nieuwsbrief januari 2014
With much pleasure I’m looking back at the year 2013. Every concert was important for me and I would like to pay attention to some special projects.

  • In Germany I had an interview on the WDR 3. During the Beethovenfest in Bonn I gave the first performance in Germany of Beethovens Fantasiasonata (in the reconstruction of Cees Nieuwenhuizen).
  • A month later I played the Belgian premiere of the Fantasiasonata during the festival “Kamermuziek Houtland”.
  • It was a great privilege to go on tour with Daniel Wayenberg. We played in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Vredenburg Utrecht and castle Wittenberg.
  • The TV station AVRO invited Daniel Wayenberg and me to play in the broadcast about the opening of the Rijksmuseum.———————————————

Press release Beethovenfest
(Click once on the following image to read Pressebericht Beethovenfest)

New CD Martin Oei
On the 12th of August 2013 Zefir Records will release a CD by the young pianist Martin Oei with  Beethovens Fantasiasonata on a fortepiano.This is the first time this sonata is recorded on the instrument it was composed for: the fortepiano. This fantasiesonata in d minor was played as a premiere in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam last year. Musicologist Cees Nieuwenhuizen reconstructed the piece and asked the then 16 year old pianist Martin Oei for the first public performance.
Martin prefers to play on historical instruments and is probably the youngest keyboard player who recorded a CD on fortepiano. This CD was recorded on an original Viennese Rosenberger fortepiano from 1800 from the collection of Edwin Beunk. The sound of a fortepiano fades away much faster compared to modern grand pianos. Some compositions require faster playing on a fortepiano. On this recording Martin stretches the limits of the instrument: Martin plays many pieces faster than people usually do on modern instruments. The youthful impetuousness suits the young and passionate Beethoven well.
Furthermore, this CD contains recordings of the sonata Pathétique from Beethoven, Mozarts fantasia in d minor and Mozarts sonata number 8 in a minor.
Mozarts well known Fantasia has a special ending: the piece was not complete and many piano players play the coda (end) composed by Müller.  From a letter of Mozart we know that he wanted to go back to the beginning of the piece at the end and because of that Martin plays another ending, which comes very close to Mozarts intentions..

The artist Paloma Rodriguez Carrington was responsible for the exceptional artistic layout of the CD.

Martin will perform compositions from the new CD during the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam on the 19th of August 2013 on a fortepiano in a suitable location: the Huis met de Hoofden, Keizersgracht. He will also perform the Beethoven Fantasiasonata at the Beethovenfest in Bonn and the Belgian Chamber Music Festival Houtland.

For more information:

(Review after solo recital february 10, 2013 )

Martin Oei revives young Beethoven
Appreciation: *****

The young pianist Martin Oei performed Beethoven sonatas in the Rabo Theater this sunday. The recital was part of the series ‘Classic Masters’.
As a young passionate musician Beethoven broke the strings of the fortepianos of his era. He became an example for his contemporaries in the ‘Sturm und Drang’ period. The enormous dynamic differences appealed to the very young Martin Oei,a  talented pianist still studying at the conservatory, who performed two complete sonatas in the theater. He played the recently reconstructed Fantasiasonata in D, which was premiered at the Concertgebouw this autumn. Cees Nieuwenhuizen, musicologist and Beethoven expert, reconstructed the three parts of this sonata. Some of the themes can be found back in Beethovens 7th symphony and the Apassionata sonata shows many similarities in exposition of the themes.
The popular name ‘Early pastorale’ is quite appropriate, Beethoven was only 22 years old when he composed this sonata. He travelled in november 1792 from Bonn to Vienna to study at Haydns. Is that the reason why this sonata sounds so modern and playful? Martin Oei played this new sonata passionately with beautiful dynamic accents. He didn’t break any strings  on the Yamaha grand piano, the young and introvert talent was extremely tender, paying attention to dynamic differences between left and right hand. With his phenomenal musical memory Martin had studied the piece by heart within 6 weeks.
Is he the young successor of the 83 year old master pianist Daniël Wayenberg, with whom he regularly performs? On the program this sunday was another Beethoven sonata, commonly known as The Storm opus 31 from 1801. We heard a rich and fine tone in the strong passages, with beautiful thundering motifs. Nothing of the depressing Beethoven of later years, but crystal clear exposés. The right hand tenderly strikes the keys, while the left plays a clear and robust baseline. Martin Oei is definitively a big talent, his Liszt interpretations were of out of this world. This newly reconstructed Fantasiasonata deserves it to become a hit; a beautiful introduction for young people to classical music. Martin Oei in The Arena (edit: Ajax-soccer stadium) with thousands of listeners: this brilliant execution of the ‘ Early pastorale’ deserves it!

Dick Idema

Beethoven Worldpremiere
Beethoven Musicologist Cees Nieuwenhuizen requested Martin Oei to perform the Early Pastorale, a recently reconstructed Beethoven fantasy sonata from 1792. The the world premiere took place on 21 october 2012 at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Now a tour has started with concerts in Holland, Belgium and Germany (check out the agenda).

Cees en Martin have recorded the composition at the Zeeuwse Concertzaal. The CD is now available through Zefir, specialist retailers and CDBabyiTunes en amazon. BBC 3 broadcasted the news on multiple occasions.

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