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Graphic Biografie Martin Oei(en)(jpg)Martin Oei (1996) wants to share his love for piano music with the world, especially the ones who are discovering classical music.

To achieve this, he developed the performance ‘Tom and Jerry in the Garden of Earthly Delights’ in 2020 about Franz Liszt with a unique set of animations.

Earlier in his career, he developed performances based on the exhibitions at the Dutch museums Hermitage in Amsterdam and the Museum in Dordrecht.

Martin often choses the romantics as repertoire. His favourite composers are Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Besides using modern pianos, one of his passions is performing on period instruments like fortepiano and Erard grand pianos.

He has his own series at the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam, called “Piano Feasts”, where he performed for the first time at the age of 16.

Martin started to play when he was 9 years old and a year later he was admitted to the Young Musicians Academy of Fontys Conservatory. He studied with Jelena Bazova. From 2015 the first winner of the Liszt Competition Martyn van der Hoek accepted him at Utrecht Conservatory. Other teachers included Henri Kelder and Bert van den Brink. He obtained his bachelor degree in 2018 and in 2020 his master degree, both cum laude. From the age of 12 he has won several prizes: Princess Christina Concours, Young Music Talent Netherlands, Young Pianist Foundation, Steinway & Sons International Piano competition.

As soloist he has performed with several orchestras (Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Tsjaikovsky’s first piano concerto, Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto, Schumann’s piano concerto). From 2012 to 2018 he played in a quartre mains duo with Dutch master pianist Daniel Wayenberg, who was 66 years older.

He also performed with chamber ensemble Club Classique, with clarinettist Henk de Graaf and as piano duo with Klára Würtz.

Dutch television broadcaster AVRO invited Wayenberg and Oei to perform at the opening of the renovated Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. HRH queen Maxima of the Netherlands attended their concerts.

Martin gave solo recitals at prestigious festivals like Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, and Janine Jansen’s chamber music festival in Utrecht.

At the age of 16 he was invited by the Beethovenfest in Bonn to play the world première of Beethoven’s Fantasie Sonata, reconstructed by Cees Nieuwenhuizen.

Martin Oei has made four CDS. At the age of 14 T2 Entertainment released his piano debut, Zefir Records recorded Beethoven’s Fantasiesonate, Mozart and Beethoven on fortepiano and his forth CD was recorded with Daniel Wayenberg on two Erard Grand Pianos ‘Chopin a deux’, which contains both Chopin’s piano concertos and which received praise in the Dutch newspapers Volkskrant, NRC, Nederlands Dagblad, Trouw and music magazine Luister.

Marie-Cécile Moerdijk,Dutch singer and author (2015)

Why do I desire to write to you? Because I was touched by your beautiful piano play, by the way your hands touched the keys. Even before you touched there was that feeling that you stroke the keys with love. You make the ivory as soft as silk. And then there is that caressing sound that makes me enjoy intensely.

Daniel Wayenberg, oldest Dutch master pianist during performance in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam (2013)
… It is actually not about how old you are, but how competent you are. I believe I don’t need have to say how competent Martin is; you have heard that very clearly….

Eric Schoones, editor in chief, Pianist Magazine
‘It is really special to observe the absolute concentration and attention of this modest boy when he starts to play the piano, completely into the music, beautiful.

Maria van Deutekom, director Fontys Conservatorium (2009)
“Martin Oei is an extraordinary gifted musician, despite his age he displays stunning musical intelligence and a great technique.”

Jury Music Talent The Netherlands (2008)
“An extraordinary talent, in a very short period Martin obtained remarkable technical and musical skills, very special for his age.”