In the well-known program ´The Piano Of …´, Maatwerk visits piano or grand piano owners. The presenter looks for amusing anecdotes about the instrument. Is it an heirloom? Where does the instrument come from? What emotions does the piano evoke? For this episode, Sander Zwiep and Erik traveled to Amsterdam Zuidoost for the story at […]

Complaint to Consumer and Market Authority Ten musicians have filed a complaint with the Consumer and Market Authority against Facebook. They accuse Facebook of mutilating music videos of them by muting their sound. ‘Partially muted due to copyright claim’ then appears on the screen. Facebook asks its users to respect copyrights and intellectual property of […]

On Saturday, June 24, I will give a benefit concert for Syria in my rehearsal space in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, because of the earthquake. A few months ago I organized it for the first time, de Ochtend (NPO Klassiek) interviewed me about the initiative. Cultuursector in actie voor aardbevingsslachtoffers | NPO Klassiek ( We ended up having […]

Last Friday, April 21, 2023, a review of my new CD ‘World of Liszt’ appeared in the Volkskrant. Guido van Oorschot writes among other things: “He plays on a grand piano by Érard, the 19th-century builder who had liszt as a client. Now the listener has to get used to it: (…..) Take the short, […]

Unique Erard in the Netherlands Today a large article in NRC about the special Erard grand piano that Frits Janmaat of Maison Erard is currently restoring. The grand piano on which the historic piano duel between Liszt and Thalberg took place is now in the Netherlands. At the end of May, Kasper Schonewille and I […]

Romance for tax inspectorsJUNE 15, 2022 Being fined thousands of euros when you haven’t paid a penny short of taxes: that happened to pianist Martin Oei. He is organizing a series of romantic concerts to which he invites tax inspectors. With the income from these, he wants to pay the tax authorities’ sky-high fine. My […]

On Sunday, September 26, 2021, a very special grand piano and its restorer Frits Janmaat will be the center of attention during a special concert in the Zuiderkerk in Enkhuizen.Janmaat, whose workshop Maison Erard has been in Enkhuizen for several years, has donated one of his Erard grand pianos to the young piano virtuoso Martin […]